Stock Market

Software solution provides features to assist with trading and management of stock for both companies and individuals.

Market-place solution which has been designed and developed to handle order matching and management, clearing and settlement, delivery of securities, management of trade risk, data analysis, transaction performance, surveillance and full reporting as it is customized and integrated into other business tools.

Transactions Performance

Look up real-time quotes with this software and manage holding and settlement of various stocks and securities while facilitating electronic trading.

Clearing and Settlement

Monitor risk and manage it property regardless of your trading strategy with solutions available for all risk validations, including maximum order size, buying power factor, maximum position size and settings which reject any incoming order

Pre-Trade Solutions


Easily access historical data almost immediately with flexible data delivery

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

Analyze what-if for almost any market scenario

Post-Trade Solutions

Stream Direct

Use the software for post-trade flows direction

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

Monitor compliance based on regulatory requirements

More than 60 other powerful solutions

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