Real Estate

Real Estate Software is a scalable transaction management solution which is cost-effective and has low risk. It has been built on enduring technology which utilizes best practices. Users receive critical alerts, business analytics and automation in the process which improve control and visibility.

Receive automation of the following:

• Transaction management
• Capital project management
• Real estate management
• Contract management
• Maintenance and service management
• Facilities, space and asset management

Title & Escrow Production

Solutions for title and escrow include the features you expect in this scenario. Tasks are automated while workflows are created which are based on specific needs. This software includes report generation, title clearance tracking, title rate management, policy generation and more with an interface which is straightforward to use. Replace paperwork and improve efficiency while minimizing errors which can be costly to the business.

Vendor Management

This solution is designed for vendors with filtering technology for all partners, including the buyer, seller, client, fees and contact information. Reduce frustration and lessen stress while increasing loyalty from clients. Document and Template Management System provides the ability to manage all types of documents. ROI Software makes it easy to manage properties even if they are located in different countries with just one platform.

Sales Reports

Tracks either individual or team performances along with KPIs and provides analysis. Clients may be automatically matched to properties based on specific parameters. Manage property listings while allowing updates and edits anytime.

Pre-Trade Solutions


This is a self-service solution which provides historical data almost immediately. Flexible data delivery.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

Advanced software which analyzes what-if scenarios of almost any market.

Post-Trade Solutions

Stream MAX

Software which is fully integrated with a database which enhances management of asset types. It automates maintenance tasks which include scheduling as well as creating work orders. It provides preventative maintenance and management of labor along with tracking expenses and creating reports. Real-time visibility provides information on asset usage to extend the life of capital equipment and improve the return on assets.

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

Monitors compliance based on regulatory requirements. Includes more than 50 software solutions.