Currency Exchange

Our software solution is efficient and comprehensive for both company and individual users who use multiple currencies and transactions in the money market.

We provide:

• Robust pricing and strong risk management
• Improved efficiency with transactions while increasing the visibility of data

Price Comparison and High Liquidity

Solution provides a total straight-through-processing (STP) for order management system with the goal to ensure optimal workflow and reporting throughout the organization.

Experience a wide range of exchange solutions in foreign currency with the Transactions Fulfillment and Automation Support. Software may be integrated into numerous other systems for higher efficiency.


Select the permissions and approval levels in different locations for enhanced security.

Escrow & Transactions Completion

Enjoy ease of use with software for escrow, payment protection and when managing foreign currency exchange. Utilize compliance checks for the regulatory watch lists while reviewing matches and creating live-stops. Strong compliance reporting keeps you secure and protected.

Workflow Management

Track transactions in real-time to manage position.

Foreign Checks

This software offers a convenient and comprehensive method to clear foreign checks.

Pre-Trade Solutions


Software solution which allows users to retrieve historical data nearly instantly with flexible data delivery.

Max Guide

Advanced software utilizes different algorithms with the ability to choose from aggressive or passive strategies.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

Analyze the what-ifs for almost all market scenarios with the sophisticated software

Post-Trade Solutions


Software assists with post-trade flow direction

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

Ensure compliance based on regulatory requirements

More than 20 other software solutions