Automobile Trade

We offer software designed to find, buy and sell vehicles online.

Our software allows you to document your transaction, make arrangements for transportation and purchase funds that will be held securely until the transaction is completed. A complete communication history is available to the buyer and seller at any time. Payment must be verified before the title insurance is requested and provided to the buyer. In addition, the software provides critical alerts and analytics along with automating the process.

• Compare prices with the Average Price System (APS)
• Access the centralized system which provides all listings anywhere at anytime
• Utilize Clearance, Title & Escrow Production
• Manage tasks as a dealership with the ability to automate many tasks and create efficient workflows based on unique needs of the business. Generate reports and utilize title clearance tracking tools.
• Distribution of payment and settlement
• Post classifieds
• Generate and review vehicle inspection report with reports to track transactions and complete analysis
• Search optimization based on specific parameters for auto-matching
• Make arrangements for transportation

Pre-Trade Solutions


This is a self-service product which allows you to retrieve historical data almost immediately. Flexible data delivery.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

Sophisticated software which provides analysis of what-ifs for different markets to reduce risk

Vehicle E-Inspection

Software uses digital inspection instead of traditional inspections with real-time data. Accurate and detailed information is received which reveals the real condition of the vehicle.

CarDeMo App

Sellers can show their vehicles which allows buyers to watch the presentation from anywhere.