Software Solutions

We develop professional clearing and trading software, customize it to fit the needs of our customers and integrate it into their other systems. Our solutions are comprehensive and focused on addressing the different needs of traders as well as platform owners in stock trading, real estate investments, automobile trading, futures and other financial solutions.

Real Estate: these solutions work to simplify investing in real estate so more deals can close in a shorter timeframe. The software comes with features needed to complete the title transfer and settlement.

Stock Market: this software covers the entire trading transaction from managing orders to matching them, executing transactions, clearing and settlement along with risk management, securities delivery and full reports.

Currency Exchange: software which provides increased security when dealing with foreign currency exchange, including payment protection and using escrow without an intermediary.

Automobile Trade: software that handles the trade from finding the vehicle to buying and selling along with clearing, documentation, title transfer and delivery after ownership and funds are transferred.

We offer other services, which include:

• Training
• End-to-end integration – which allows our software to fully integrate with other business tools
• Products for software developers – allowing developers to build their own customized system or platform

Contact us at to discuss how we can develop and integrate one of our Software solutions to your needs.

Clearing and settlement

Risk Management