Venezuela’s President Maduro Acknowledges Trezor’s Hardware Wallet on Live TV

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, praised popular crypto hardware wallet Trezor on the country’s state-run TV network VTV as the company is investigating the matter.

Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, vouched for Trezor’s alleged cold wallet in a recent TV interview with the Venezuelan Television Corporation. According to a Facebook Video posted on Maduro’s page, the leader expressed his openness towards crypto coins given the news was dubbed ‘Private Companies of Cryptocurrency are operative in Venezuela’.

However, Trezor has come out to publicly deny having sent any of its officials or reps to meet Maduro during the TV interview.

They further stated that investigations on the fake Trezor wallet ‘resellers’ have been opened and made it clear via a tweet they don’t have point salesmen in Venezuela;

Speculations within the crypto online community point towards an unlicensed Trezor reseller. This company has an online presence on IG and Facebook in which they refer to Trezor’s official website to phish unsuspecting clients.

Trezor’s official statement on the matter notes that Trezor Venezuela was initially a licensed reseller of their products until June 2019. The digital wallet provider added that it has no political affiliations in Venezuela and was not in attendance of the crypto fair held with Maduro’s presence.

Maduro Touts Petro Crypto as an Option for Venezuela

The oil-backed Venezuelan digital currency has been an alternative since inflation skyrocketed in the country. Back in July 2019, Maduro gave an order to the Banco de Venezuela that they should accept the Petro coin as a form of money. He recently followed up on the issue during a conference held with the bank’s leadership in November. The main agenda was how Petro’s adoption can be accelerated. Most notably, was the guidance from President Maduro on how the state-backed digital currency could be used in point of sales within Venezuela’s Economy.