New Blockchain Education Alliance Formed by Tron And Stellar To Train Developers from Students

Tron, as well as Stellar Development Foundations, have joined hands with other companies to form a new alliance that is meant to produce the next generation of blockchain developers, Cointelegraph reports.

The new initiative dubbed Blockchain Education Alliance will be an international education initiative which is developed to offer the requisite skills, knowledge, and expertise to students on how the blockchain works.

Stellar and Tron are part of the inaugural thirteen firms that make up the Blockchain Education Alliance. The 13 companies will jointly come up with various educational initiatives as well be the main financiers in efforts to create awareness about the blockchain technology among the masses.

The new alliance is headed by MouseBelt, which is both a VC fund as well as design studio. MouseBelt aims at bringing different industry players together to bring blockchain technology to the masses via education and research. According to Ashile Meredith, MouseBelt director, the current crop of students are tech-savvy and are eager and yearning to become renowned blockchain experts in the future. Meredith added that universities and other learning institutions require experts about blockchain who can help in the development of curriculum as well as projects and companies like Tron and Stellar can be of great help.

Meredith also indicated that the project can’t be a success without the involvement of the universities. In this regard, MouseBelt is currently speaking with universities trying to bring them on-board. So far, the company has already signed official partnerships with engineering departments in three universities and it is seeking to reach out to Latin American universities as well.

MouseBelt has already rolled on a blockchain education initiative at UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UC Los Angeles with the aim of supporting a blockchain-based education, research as well as entrepreneurship.

MouseBelt is hopeful that the launching of the Blockchain Education Alliance will encourage the inaugural founding members to commit extra funds to go towards students’ activities as well as expansion of educational opportunities within the field.