tZERO is Rounding into Form, After Being Awarded a Recent Patent

Patent Race

In a positive development for tZERO, they were just awarded the patent for a new means of ‘Crypto Integration’.

This patent described a process in which traditional trading systems are able to interface with developing cryptocurrency exchanges.  The following is an excerpt from the application, describing usage of the platform.

“The Crypto Integration Platform provides, among other things, an interface between legacy trading systems and crypto exchanges that trade digital transactional items. In doing so, the Crypto Integration Platform takes a protocol for trading and communication between broker-dealers, Alternative Trading Systems (“ATS”), and exchanges, and transforms the message so that the trade can be consummated using cryptographic techniques.”

*For those interested in a complete read-through of the filed patent, the document is available via the USPTO website here*

Recent Dealings with tZERO

Beyond the news of awarded patents, tZERO has been the subject of our discussions various times in recent months. For instance, here are a few of those articles, showcasing advancements being made by tZERO.

It is clear to see that the team behind tZERO has been as active as can be. Through moves such as the ones described above, they have been able to establish themselves as one of the most promising companies within the digital securities sector. Hopefully they are able to deliver on all fronts as 2019 rolls on.


tZERO is based out of New York, and is a subsidiary of Each are products of founder Patrick Byrne.

Above all, tZERO will function as a platform geared towards providing various services aimed towards security tokens. The expected 2019 launch of their platform is much anticipated.

To this day, Patrick Byrne has stayed steadfast in his belief that tZERO has the potential to become a giant. He has stated in past interviews, “I don’t care whether tZERO is losing $2 million a month…We think we’ve got cold fusion on the blockchain side.”

In other news

For those interested in patent news related to digital securities, make sure to check out our articles about IPWe. Not only do we give details on IPWe, in ‘patents powered by blockchain’, but we sat down with their CEO for an exclusive interview.

Perhaps, future patent filings by tZERO will be able to benefit from changes made through the implementation of IPWe.

With the blockchain industry rapidly developing, there has been no shortage of patent filings through the last two years.  In addition, the companies putting for application, have done so for a variety of services.

A few noteworthy filings were detailed on here.