Stock Market

Design and develop market-place software solution which includes order matching and management, clearing and settlement, delivery of securities, transaction performance, management of trade risk, analysis of data and surveillance with the ability to provide full reports and to customize and integrate the software into a business or individual’s needs.


Currency Exchange

Software solution for corporate and individual users which offers efficiency and convenience through multiple currency and money market transactions in a comprehensive platform.


Real Estate

Software which is scalable and carries a low risk and is cost-effective for an integrated solution with transaction management from proven technology which incorporates best practices for the industry.


Automobile Trade

Software that covers all aspects of a transaction, including documentation, arrangements for transport and holding purchase funds while providing a full communication history to all parties.



Sin Tan is a leading solution for Electronic Trade Markets. We provide support in all areas of trading and clearing which includes stock market, currency exchange, real estate and automobile trade. Our platforms offer a complete range of functionality for executing transactions while utilizing Clearing algorithms. We assist users in developing their own solutions or using our systems straight out of the box. We utilize advanced technologies to address the unique needs of traders and platform owners in real estate, stock trading, automobile trading, futures management and financial solutions. We help to automate business processes to improve workflows. We provide a universal system of trading and clearing along with modules for risk analysis for modern trading. Our Clearing algorithm provides a 100% safe trading environment.

Ready to Use solution

Sin Tan Software’s products may be used as they are designed right out of the box. They come with flexibility to allow the users to customize the software as well to meet specific needs or requirements. Our most innovative product is the combination of Trading and Clearing Software, which is designed for either individuals or enterprises and for buyers and sellers to eliminate risk which may be associated with real estate trade, automobile trade, stock market or currency exchange.