Pulling Apart Bitcoin and its Blockchain – Francis Pouliot Does Just That

Speaking on behalf of the Bitcoin exchange company – BullBitcoin is its CEO and co-founder – Francis Pouliot and during TNW 2019, he took to the stage to give a strong technical overview of Bitcoin’s underlying network, along with showing just how it works on a fundamental level. While also taking the time to explain just what this blockchain is capable of achieving.

It was during this same talk that Pouliot gave a refresher course on the kind of core values and primary objectives set out by Bitcoin within its white paper and technical activity.

When it comes to the more emergent properties of the underlying blockchain and cryptocurrency, Pouliot took the time to illustrate the values that really set it apart from others – such as its resistance to censorship, the provision of a trustless system of transaction validation, the creation and preservation of digital self sovereignty, and lastly, its fundamental immutability.

It was during this same presentation that he highlighted the kind of monetary properties of Bitcoin, explaining with a good focus on the creation of a decentralized system of scarcity which was in-built, the level of fungibility that is possible between peers as well as the in-built liquidity of the token.

Along with the discussions around the core values and functions of the Bitcoin, Pouliot discusses the properties of the platform overall, which included discussions over its features like the provision of smart contracts, integration usability by individuals, peer to peer payments as well as the kind of measures when considering security of both users and their transactions.

To sum it all up, Pouliot decided to wrap up by conforming to the crowd, what his own opinions were regarding cryptocurrencies and the technology which works to underpin them.

“I do not consider Bitcoin to be part of the blockchain space. I consider the two to be different,” he went on to conclude.